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When it comes to hiring a realtor to help you sell your condo, you have two basic options. You can hire a realtor working alone to handle your listing for you, or you can hire one who works with a whole team of other agents. There's usually no difference in commission between the two, so which will you choose? Obviously you don't want to trust the sale of a Toronto waterfront condo to just anyone. You want someone trustworthy, efficient, and knowledgeable. Someone who actually cares whether you get the price you deserve. Here's why a team of dedicated realtors is the best fit for your needs.

The internet is widely credited with making life easier, but in a way, advances in information technology have also complicated once-simple tasks. Selling downtown Toronto condominiums was once a job that could be handled by one person. With only a few pages of paperwork to do and some signs to put up, the limited availability of ad space made selling homes simple. Today, with the advent of online real estate databases, electronic photographs, and more involved sale documents, a lone realtor is easily buried underneath a mountain of paperwork, making it impossible for him or her to give more than one or two clients at a time the attention they deserve.

With a team of realtors, frenetic multitasking gives way to specialization. Instead of one agent handling buying, selling, research, office work, and seeking out new clients, these tasks can become the personal domain of one agent. For instance, one agent might handle helping clients who wish to buy a condo in Greater Toronto while his colleague assists clients who want to sell their condos. A third agent could be back at the office managing the Toronto condo listings on a computer and answering the telephone, while a fourth deals with advertising and seeking out new clients. It's a more efficient process.

A more efficient process is in your best interests as a home seller because it means your selling agent will have more time and energy to dedicate to making sure Toronto condominiums for sale like yours get sold. With the office support provided by the other members of his team, you'll find it easier to get crucial information to your real estate agent at the time that is convenient for you. Your agent will also be better able to meet up with you at the time and place of your choosing to discuss how your condo sale is progressing.

The more time an agent is able to devote to selling your property, the faster it will sell and the better your price will be, which is in both your and the agent's best interests. So don't choose a single agent bogged down with trying to balance market research and finding resale condominiums in Toronto. Choose a team. Choose our team, and get the high quality of service you deserve.

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